Ohio Valley Barn Salvage
They were built with pride, let us take them down with respect.

Past Dismantled Projects

Funkhouser Frame

This ground level barn was built around 1880 in the Tiffin area. Known as a transitional style barn frame, the uprights were all circle sawn timbers, while the longer tie beams and rafter plates were handhewn beams. The master barn builder must have been an engineer as the barn was designed with a clear span center tie beam. He used a bridge truss design with 1” rods that were bolted to the mid rafter plate. This barn frame has an open space of 36’x41’ with no center post. The first bay measured 36’x21’ with a really nice 2nd story hay loft. The entire barn was built out of red elm timbers. It is quite rare to see 1 species of wood such as red elm in a barn. This frame will be headed to North Carolina and was purchased by a historical society. It will be used as venue building for the public to admire for many years to come.

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