Ohio Valley Barn Salvage
They were built with pride, let us take them down with respect.

Past Dismantled Frame Projects

Hadadd Frame

This barn measuring 30’x60’ sat quietly on a small knoll in the Danville area for.... Click Here for Details

Thornville Frame

This early 1840’s bank barn measured 36’x64’. The original barn had a saltbox... Click Here for Details

Marietta Frame

This wonderful example of early barn building had been setting on the north of Marietta for 170 years... Click Here for Details

Gilpin Frame

This ground level barn located in Marion Ohio was built in 1878. All of the beams were nice size 8”x9”.... Click Here for Details

Brokensword Frame

This ground level barn measured a whopping 80’x80’. It was actually 2 barns , the first original.... Click Here for Details

Funkhouser Frame

This ground level barn was built around 1880 in the Tiffin area. Known as a transitional... Click Here for Details

Lee Frame

This 40’x62’ bank style barn was built in 1864 as the great Civil War was coming to an end. All the... Click Here for Details

Chesterville Frame

This historic barn frame measures 30’x50’ Built out of mostly beech timbers all the handhewn beams... Click Here for Details

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