Ohio Valley Barn Salvage
They were built with pride, let us take them down with respect.

Lee Frame

1864 40’x 62’

Handhewn Beech Beams

Thornville Barn

1840's 36' x 64'

Handhewn Beech Beams

Brokensword Frame

1840 80' x 80'

Circle sawn Beech Beams

Gerber Frame


Handhewn White Oak Timbers

Giplin Frame


Handhewn Beams

Funkhouser Frame

1880 36' x 41'

Circle Sawn & Handhewn Red Elm Beams

barn frames for sale - ohio valley barn salvage.

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barn frames for sale Ohio Valler Barn Salvage Mt. Gilead Ohio

As barn frames for sale contractors, we specialize in dismantling old barns with the intent of reclaiming as much material as possible. The material is then used by contractors and homeowners throughout the United States who desire it for their own reclaimed wood projects.

We are located in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, and cover an area of about 100 miles in any direction for our ‘barn hunts’. When we find a barn, we carefully examine it to see if it meets our requirements for salvage material. There are many factors that determine if a barn is right for salvage.

Since 2006, we at Ohio Valley Barn Salvage have successfully dismantled over 150 barns in the central Ohio area. We have an experienced crew who take the time to work within a structure that may be over 150 years old, and has seen weather and time try to bring it to the ground.

Latest Salvage Barn Project

Fisher Barn

Fisher Barn Salvage Project

This late 1830’s 36’x72’ ground level barn was located between to house with limited access and both had nice grass yards. Challenge was to dismantle the frame without destroying their yards. With alittle help from Mother Nature , the OVBS crew completely dismantled the frame in 5 days and then hauled all the reclaimed wood a ¼ mile down the road to load out on a semi. This is the only cantilevered style ground barn I have ever seen. OVBS crew preformed complete clean up services... view more

Latest Barn Frame for Sale

Crimson Road Barn Frame - 30’x46’

Crimson Road - Ohio Valley Barn Salvage

This early 1860’s barn frame measures 30’wide x 46’ long. The bent layout 16’-16’-14’. This frame is just the right size for a retirement home. Uprights measure 9”x10” and the tie beams are 10”x10”. The end wall tie beams are tapered from 10” to 14” in the middle. The low rafter plate height is at 14’. The interior tie beams are just are just 10’ above the floor. Your ceiling height of the barn is just 24’ to the peak of the roof. You have a close feel of the history of this wonderful frame. The roof rafters are circle sawn full 2x4, however there are undersized... view more

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