Ohio Valley Barn Salvage
They were built with pride, let us take them down with respect.

Historic Barn Frames For Sale

Gerber Frame

This wonderful little barn frame sat on a hillside just out Dalton Ohio for 200 years. This barn is one of Ohio’s earliest examples of timber frame barn building. This frame is known as a scribe rule frame where each piece of wood had a roman numeral mark showing where it was to connect to the next timber. Every piece has the marks and are as clear as the day they were etched 200 years ago. The entire barn frame is made out of white oak timbers. The frame was also draw knifed down to almost smooth look. We believe this barn was built by Master ship builders from Marietta Ohio. The US government passed the Embarq Law of 1810 which immediately halted all ship building by foreign countries in the US states. In Marietta , they built (29) ocean going ships between 1800 to 1810 . When the law was passed you had a whole bunch of ship builders out of work, so why not try a barn? Of course 2 years later the war of 1812 broke out pushing the French and British into Canada. OVBS dismantled the barn in May of 2017. It will be reassembled in Burnsville North Carolina as a private residence in December of 2017.

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