Ohio Valley Barn Salvage
They were built with pride, let us take them down with respect.

Historic Barn Frames For Sale

Crimson Road Barn Frame

This early 1860’s measures 30’wide x 46’ long. The bent layout 16’-16’-14’. This frame is just the right size for a retirement home. Uprights measure 9”x10” and the tie beams are 10”x10”. The end wall tie beams are tapered from 10” to 14” in the middle. The low rafter plate height is at 14’. The interior tie beams are just are just 10’ above the floor. Your ceiling height of the barn is just 24’ to the peak of the roof. You have a close feel of the history of this wonderful frame. The roof rafters are circle sawn full 2x4, however there are undersized and OVBS will furnish new full size 2”x6” rafters. This frame is priced at $42,000.00

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