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Historic Barn Frames For Sale

Cliffton Mills Frame

This late 1840’s frame measures 46’x70’ with NO CENTER SUPPORTS. Located in the Dayton area this barn was constructed by a master timber frame builder who most likely built roofs for large churches or cathedrals. This barn frame has what is called a principle rafter roof design. There are large 9”x10” timber placed up the roof slope and connected together will 9”x 9” tie beam. 1” sag rods were then drilled thru the primary sloped roof timber and connected to the tie beam below it. This design allows for the truss to carry the entire load of the roof without the need for center post. These types of trusses might be found in the earlier built churches where the sanctuary would be free of post blocking the congregation view. The outside wall uprights are 11”x12” You then have 9”x10” 46’ tie beams that are supported with 9”x10” rafter beam. I have never seen a true handhewn barn frame , clear spanned at 46’x70’. The over barn frame and roof is in excellent condition. There is some roof damage to the south roof truss. The OVBS will replicate the entire south truss. This truly one of a kind frame is for sale for $150,000.00

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